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Danielle Zazulak

Behind The Lens...


​Since I was 15 years old I knew I wanted to photograph, I loved snapshots and even now my friends label me a tourist as my compact camera is always out!​


Although, at 15 my dream was also to travel so I decided I wanted to become a Travel Brochure photographer, who knows, this might still happen! I almost joined the RAF as a photographer at 17 but ended up at 21 studying for the BTEC National in Fine Art, specialising in Photography instead.


Since then i have worked on so many wonderful projects, studied with the brilliant Bjorn Thomassen in Cornwall and completed a Foundation Degree in Fashion, Advertising and Editorial Photography through Brighton University.

I completed my final year of a BA Honours in Photography in 2014 and my skillset and ambition just keeps on growing... 

I'm now 43 (and a Mommy to 10 year old Finn and 4 year old Brody) and have done so many wonderful things to contribute to achieving my dream, from owning a portrait studio, to working for Birmingham based radio stations to Weddings and Portraits, to Commercial work and of course my University projects.

I am so lucky to be in this industry and my passion in my work and projects never falters.

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